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There are several ways for middle-school science teachers to participate in this National Science Foundation-funded study.

1. Participate in an Impact Study in Fall 2017.

• This fall, we will conduct an impact research study to examine how teachers use data from students’ digital gameplay to make decisions about their instruction. The study will include using the game Mars Generation One along with a supplemental mini-unit, and participation in other research activities.

• Participating teachers will receive a stipend of $500 (depending on their school district’s policy).

Click here to see the Call for Participation.

2. Take an Online Survey.

Teachers who complete a 10–15-minute online survey about their teaching practices and school environment will receive a $25 gift card (barring any district policies prohibiting it).

Click here to take the survey now!

If you are interested in participating in the classroom study, or want more information about the survey or our research in general, please contact Pilar Gonzalez at

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